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Production Status

Williamson County Parks and Rec- Rhythm & Spirit

DVDs and USBs were delivered 6/22/2017

McClain Norman School of Dance

DVDs were delivered on July 5th

Dance South

DVDs were delivered on July 18th

Diamond Dance Academy

June 23th & 24th, 2017- In Editing

TNRCV provides the highest quality keepsake for your clients at no cost to you! Our schools and studios are our partners! We value our relationship with you and your clients. Our customer service proves it!

Our basic services are offered to your school/studio at no cost (subject to a minimum sales requirement). Our staff of professional videographers, photographers, audio engineers and sales staff will attend your event, capture your event using the best equipment available , edit the footage, produce and package DVD copies for your clients. Our basic service also includes an onsite staff member to conduct sales (studio/school/venue restrictions may apply). We encourage your school/studio to take preorders. Ask about our sales bonuses!  Additional sales can be submitted to us directly via email, the Internet, telephone,  or mail.

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

What else do we do...

- We specialize in servicing dance recitals, competitions, live theater, concerts, gymnastics and other arts performances.

- Our video and DVD production service is provided to you at no charge. We work very diligently to provide the highest quality product to your clients.

- All design printing and packaging is completed in house by TNRCV staff. This insures, once again, the highest  level of quality control.

- We guarantee our delivery date – you pick the date and we deliver the DVDs. In most cases we can rush orders and distribute in as little as 72 hours.

- We offer direct mailing of the DVDs to our customers and/or studio shipping for in-studio distribution.

- We protect your choreography and your children by only selling to immediate family members.

- We provide the studio/school with a complimentary DVD of each show sold. A one camera wide shot can also be provided so you can see every detail of your performance (by advanced requests only).

We take care of EVERYTHING!  

- We offer pre-recital sales with order forms at your location, via telephone, mail, email, and through our website We provide day-of sales at the event.

- We handle all the video recording, editing, audio mastering, duplicating, and packaging.

- We deliver to you a finished product with a distribution list on or before the predetermined delivery date. 

Even more options...

These services are not  basic services and are only available by advanced request

- We offer a Livestream of the event so out of town friends and family can see your event.

- Live switching is also available which can result in a 24 hour turn around.

- Monitors backstage, lobby and other common areas. This allows your backstage staff and event volunteers to view the event.

- Your event is always available! 2, 5, 10 years later…we will still be able to produce copies of your event.

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